Recommended Behavior Professionals

Shorewood Animal Hospital is in the ongoing process of evaluating local behavior professionals for referral purposes. While those listed below use methods that are humane and scientifically sound, we have not yet had the opportunity to interview and observe each of them. Feel free to call for a personalized recommendation. We welcome feedback about these or other local positive reinforcement dog trainers.

Wisconsin Humane Society
[email protected]
Behavior hotline: 414-431-6173
Class Registration: 414-431-6107
group classes   individual sessions

Behavior Works
[email protected]   •  414-698-7540
Classes at local doggy daycares
group classes    in-home sessions

Connecting with Dogs

Laura Holder, CPDT-KA
[email protected]
group workshops • in-home sessions

Wag the Dog and Company

Jennifer Pratt, CPDT-KA
[email protected]

Classes at local doggy daycares
group classes   in-home sessions

SideKick Dog Training

Jennifer Prill
[email protected]  414-207-8060
in-home sessions

Good Karma Canine
[email protected]  •  414-732-8237
Classes at local doggy daycares
group classes   in-home sessions

Wild Canine

Jen Digate, CBCC-KA
[email protected]   •   414.943.3647
Classes at local doggy daycares
group classes • in-home sessions

Cold Nose Canine

Holly Lewis, CPDT-KA
[email protected]   •   414-840-7411
Classes at local doggy daycares
group classes   in-home sessions

The Feed Bag Pet Supply
[email protected]
group classes in-home sessions

Dog Trax

Amy D. Sikorski, CPDT-KSA,
[email protected]   •   414-581-7077
in-home sessions
also offers pet sitting services

Think Pawsitive Dog Training
[email protected]
group classes   •   agility training


There are no legally mandated licenses for dog trainers, and the term “behaviorist” can mean different things to different people. If you visit the website associated with a certification, it should tell you what criteria a trainer has met to obtain that credential. Some require candidates to pass tests or prove experience, while many others require only annual membership dues. Here are some recommended certifications :

  • Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers –
    • CPDT-KA / CPDT-KSA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed / Knowledge & Skills Assessed
    • CBCC-KA/ CBCC-KSA: Certified Behavior Consultant - Canine – Knowledge Assessed / Knowledge & Skills Assessed
  • CAAB: Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist –
  • DACVB: Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behavior –

How to Choose a Behavior Professional

Help for Problem Behaviors

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