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Does your dog bark at passersby from the front window? Does your cat scratch the door frames? Behavior problems are common in pets and are easier to treat when caught early. Still, if you are willing to make the commitment to behavior modification, many problems can be resolved over time.

Medical problems can cause or contribute to behavior problems. Please call us at 414-962-6662 to see if you should schedule a veterinary exam to rule out medical causes for your pet's behavior.

  1. Be proactive – it’s never too early to get help, as behavior problems are easier to treat if caught at the first sign

  2. Get support - invest in a qualified behavior professional; it’ll be worth it in the long run! Supplement your education with a recommended book.

  3. Be safe – if your pet has shown aggressive behaviors, enact a plan to prevent a repeat performance while you line up professional help. For instance, if your dog growled at another dog while on a walk, make sure to prevent contact with other dogs while on walks for the time being.

  4. Avoid confrontational techniques - yelling, getting physical, or using corrective collars or products often exacerbates behavior problems.


Local Behavior Professionals & How to Choose

Recommended Books

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