Product Information:

  • Heartgard Plus information - Heartworm preventative medicine prescribed by your veterinarian.

  • Frontline Plus information - Flea and Tick control for cats and dogs.

  • Dasuquin information - Nutramax company developing new, more enlightened products to help our pets' active years.

  • Rimadyl - information for pets using the medication Rimadyl for joint pain.

  • Metacam - information for pets using the medication Metacam for joint pain.

  • Vetmedin - information for pets using the medication Vetmedin for heart disease.



Miscellaneous Information:

  • Poison Control - Resource for animal poison-related emergency.

  • - Answers questions about animal health and well being.

  • Healthy Cats For Life - Information to keep your cat healthy.

  • My cat has diabetes - Information for cat owners with diabetes.

  • Have we seen your cat lately? - Information on the importance of regular veterinary care for cats.

  • - Information for owners with dogs that have heart disease.

  • - American Animal Hospital Association

  • - American Veterinary Medical Association