Bland diet for diarrhea

Almost every dog will have a bout of diarrhea at some point. Common causes include:

  • Dietary "indiscretion" - eating a new or exotic type of people-food, either with permission or stolen
  • Intestinal parasite: dogs are susceptible to diarrhea-causing parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and coccidia.

If your dog develops soft or liquid stool, follow these steps:

  • Put him on a bland diet. Until the diarrhea has fully resolved, the bland diet should be strictly followed. Do not mix it with his regular food or give him any treats, chews, or people food for now. Once he is defecating normally, start gradually blending in his regular kibble. Monitor his stool and switch back to a bland diet if it softens. If not, continue mixing more normal food into his meals. If all goes well, you can then start giving him treats and chewies again.
    • Bland diet option 1: cook it yourself. Cook plain white rice (instant rice is fine, but avoid the healthy whole grain rices). Boil chicken or lean ground beef until fully cooked and rinse/drain the grease off. Mix 3 parts rice with 1 part chicken and serve.
    • Bland diet option 2: buy it from the vet: We offer commercially prepared prescription diet food in both canned and kibble variety. Canned is often preferred to aid in rehydration of the patient.
    • Keep him busy: to replace the entertainment that he usually gets from chews and Kongs, get a food-stuffing toy such as a Kong and fill it with his bland diet meals.
  • Watch for signs of dehydration, lethargy, vomiting, disinterest in food, or other symptoms. Call us at 414-962-6662 if in doubt as to whether he should be seen by a veterinarian or if his symptoms persist more than a few days.
  • Do not withhold food or water to prevent accidents in the house.
  • Call us at 414-962-6662 for more advice.

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